The Club

Investment clubs are established with the view of accessing opportunities that will grow pooled funds.  With that in mind we sought advice from a qualified registered financial advisor on a global scale to which opportunities were unvailed and became accesable.


*Compounding Option Explained

example on a R10 000 contribution:

  • After 3  Months ~ total balance R  13 310

  • After 6  Months ~ total balance R  17 716

  • After 9  Months ~ total balance R  23 579.

  • After12 Months ~ total balance R  31 384


  • The Minimum Contribution is R10 000 Per Club Member.

  • The Maximum Contribution is R1 000 000 Per Club Member.

Capital Growth

The pooled funds yield a up to11% growth.

The pooled funds will also have a "Fund Insurance" that protects the capital.

Contribution Intervals

  • Contribution Intervals are once every 12 months.

  • Members can top up their contributions anytime they choose.


Withdrawals are available at the end of every calender month at the members request.

Members also have an option of earning a compounded growth on their contributions*.